Take your Online Education Seriously!

Education is expensive and time consuming, but definitely rewarding. It can provide you with the foundations in life that help you to grow and become stronger. It teaches discipline and focus. And while a college degree is not always an advantage job-wise, it is something that you will keep for the rest of your life, and it does say something positive about your character. It shows your determination, it demonstrates your ability to undertake and complete long-term commitments, and it provides you with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that you met your goals. So when you squander your education, it is indeed a sad time for others looking in. They wonder why you did not take your online education seriously?

The cost of education alone should be enough reason for you to take your online education seriously. With the expense of four-year degrees toppling thousands of dollars, it could be the difference between wasting the money and making a down payment on a home. If you receive your degree, then you have used your money wisely, but if the classes and assignments are just a joke, then your money would have been better spent elsewhere. But, there are individuals who have no concept of the value of either money or education, and choose to waste their opportunities.

Then there is another group of students who are serious about their studies, but are lax with some of the subjects. Especially in circumstances where they have experience in a topic or they enjoy the topic, they become cocky believing that they can "wing it" based on their experience. This is a dangerous mode of thinking. When it comes time to write the exam, the questions are not going to deal with everyday examples. On the contrary, they might deal with abstract concepts and theory. And the answers are going to be those found in the course material, not necessarily what you have learned in the real world. Hence, even though you feel that you know the material, still take the class seriously, and study like you would the unknown subjects.

Time is a precious commodity that you can never recoup. What point is there to work hard for the first few weeks or months, and then dump your studies in favor of something else? Granted, your time may have been well spent, as you view it as a learning experience, but if you had taken your education seriously you would have something tangible to show for your efforts.

Lastly, many people have misconceptions about online learning. They believe that somehow it is less demanding and much easier. In fact, the criteria are the same for on-campus students as they are for online students. Falling victim to this ridiculous notion is tantamount to failure. You need to take your online education seriously!